2nd Lotus Dual Interface chip card with VCCS application of MK Smart is certified by NAPAS

Hanoi – March 11, 2020 MK Smart Join Stock Company (MK Smart) has been granted with the LOA for its dual interface chip card ‘LOTUS SUDa” by NAPAS. This is the second chip with VCCS (Vietnam Chip Card Standard) application of MK Smart that has been certified by Napas.

Previously, on August 20, 2019, MK Smart officially became the first and sole Vietnamese enterprise to obtain NAPAS’s certificate for “LOTUS-SKDa” dual-interface chip product in accordance with Vietnam Chip Card Standard (VCCS). The name “Lotus chip” was inspired by the image of lotus flower – which is the national flower of Vietnam.

In order to obtain the certificate for manufacturing chip card product, Lotus chip of MK Smart must meet Vietnam Chip Card Standards (VCCS -) the domestic payment card technical standards. Its functions and applications are strictly tested by NAPAS and its security was tested by international security laboratories with many stringent EMV compliance tests.

With this certificate, MK Smart can offer a wider range of choices for banks in terms of chip types In particular, during this challenging time of COVID-19 crisis, MK commits to supporting local banks with business continuity plan in place as well as to convert their magnetic card base to VCCS chip cards before the end of 2021 in accordance with the mandates by the State Bank of Vietnam.

As the No. 1 expert in the field of smart card manufacturing in Vietnam with 2 smart card factories, MK Smart is the only company in Vietnam certified by international card schemes for manufacturing and personalizing their card products, including Napas, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and UPI ./.

MK Smart is ready to integrate CIPURSE application into contactless smart cards, compliant to CALYSO standards

On 14 February 2020, MK Smart received the certificate of CALYSO Network Association (CAN) for the 3rd time. With this certificate, MK Smart continues to use the resources of CNA to develop international contactless transportation ticketing which is compliant to CALYSO standards using CALYSO standards’ transport ticketing.

28 January 2020 – Calyso Networks Association (CAA) and OSPT has anounced their collaboration to drive the adoption of open standards in transport ticketing. The goal of the cooperation program is to achieve convergence between their respective open standards – CAPYPSO® và CIPURSE™ – syplyfing the choice and integration options for public transport operators (PTOs) while bring time and cost efficiences to the entire transport ticketing value chain.

Since 2017, MK Smart has been a member of OSTP Alliance and has successfully integrated CIPURSE application to our smart cards. In addition, MK Smart is capable to intergrate both CALYPSO and CIPURSE into VCCS chip cards, EMV cards.

MK Smart is a leading smart card manufacturer in South East Asia with over 17 years of experience in the field of smart card and card solutions with orientation of smart digital security. MK Smart manufactures and supplies contact, contactless, dual interface smart cards to finance & banking sector, SIM card for telecommunication, ID cards for businesses and government ect.

Calyso was bon in 1993 from a partnership between the Paris transit operator RATP and Innovatron, a company owned by the French smartcard inventor, Roland Moreno. The key features of the scheme were patented by Innovatron. Most Eupropena transit operators from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy in the following years. The fisrt use of the techonology was in 1996. Calypso is the contactless electronic ticketing standard allows amny smart card manufacturer to paticipate in transport ticket projects.

OSTP Alliance is a member-driven association working to develop and maintain the CIPURSE ™ Specification, which offers and advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible mobility solutions across multiple use cases. Currently, number of its members are nearing 100 companies and continue to expand. CIPURSE is now considered the open standard for the transport ticketing industry, with deployments and projects worldwide./.

MK Group aims to develop the e-ID card ecosystem for Vietnamese citizens

20 years of cherishing the idea of developing smart cards

At the National Forum on Developing Vietnam Technology Companies, organized for the first by the Ministry of Information and Communication in May, 2019 with the theme of “ Aspiration, Vision and Strategy for a Prosperous Vietnam” and the action slogan of “Make in Vietnam”, Mr. Le Minh Quoc – CTO of MK Smart (a member of MK Group) presented about MK’s proposal for developing an e-ID card eco-system for Vietnamese citizens.

Mr. Quoc shared, with the “heart” of the chip operating system developed by MK Group’s engineering team – MKCOS/MKjCOS which is 300.00 times smaller than the Window 10, if the Vietnamese e-ID card ecosystem e-NID is applied, it would become an effective tool to help simplify administrative procedures, contribute to the development of e-government, toward Digital Government, digital society and digital economy in Vietnam.

In the past 20 years, an exceptional challenge for MK Group has been the fierce competition from domestic and foreign vendors as well as the challenge of Vietnamese customers’ preference for foreign-made products. Today. MK Group has become a leading company in ASEAN in the field of smart digital security and smart card. All R&D and production activities of MK are conducted in Vietnam in 2 smart card factories, 2 R&D centers in Hanoi and HCMC. MK exports its smart card production to over 20 countries in the world and well penetrates local markets for financial cards, loyalty cards, smart ID cards, MFA/OTP solutions, biometrics solutions etc./.

MK Smart Joint Stock Company is granted NAPAS certificate to personalize domestic chip cards in accodrance to VCCS standards

Hanoi – MK Smart Joint Stock Company (MK Smart) – a member of MK Group on November 5, 2019 was granted a NAPAS ‘s certificate to confirm the company’s eligibility to manufacture and personalize VCCS domestic chip cards (Vietnam Chip Card Standard).

Earlier, on May 21, 2019 MK Smart officially became the first and sole Vietnamese enterprise to obtain NAPAS certificate for manufacturing VCCS (Vietnam Chip Card Standard) dual-interface chip card .The name of “Chip Lotus” was inspired by the image of lotus flower – which is the national flower of Vietnam, in order to honor the VCCS domestic chip cards the first time ever issued in Vietnam.

As the #1 expert in the field of smart card manufacturing of Vietnam and owns 2 smart card factories, MK Smart is the only company in Vietnam to be granted certificates from international card organizations for manufacturing and personalizing financial cards including Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UPI and VCCS. Since 2016, MK Smart has been a member of the Steering Committee for the Formation of Domestic Payment Card Standard – VCCS and has made practical contribution to the process of building and testing the domestic standards.

In order to obtain the certificate for manufacturing chip card products, Lotus chip of MK Smart must meet the domestic payment card technical standards. Its functions and applications are strictly tested by NAPAS and the security was tested by international security labs. It has undergone also plenty of EMV standard stringent tests.

In order to obtain the certificate for VCCS card personalization, MK Smart’s factories must undergo through many inspections and surveys executed by NAPAS,’s experts ensuring strict adherence and secure the process of receiving clients’s data to card delivery. The process must be monitored by modern IT infrastructure, continous control by skilled professional technicians to ensure the efficiency and absolute security.

Moreover, in addition to banking card products, MK Smart also provides a comprehensive smart card ecosystem for VCCS chip cards with value-added applications such as payments, public transportation, non-stop toll collection, public service fees, intergrated on-chip security authentication solutions as well as other public utilities.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Khang – Chairman of MK Group said the suceess of MK Smart in archieving certificate of manufacturing and personalizing VCCS chip cards is once again a clear proof on the leading position of the company in the card industry in Vietnam and the region, especially in the field of financial and banking cards. MK is committed to support organizations and banks in Vietnam to successfully carry out the VCCS chip card migration before the end of 2021 in accordance with the requirements of the State Bank of Vietnam, as well as to relieve the pressure of technology and infrastructure based on its capacity & experiences in implementing card inssuance programs in the past 20 years.

MK Group’s U2F Token device – FIDO® KeyPass S1 was honored at Vietnam Digital Awards 2019

On the afternoon of September 6th , 2019, Vietnam Digital Awards for the second time in 2019 was taken place at Hanoi Opera House to honor organizations and individuals for their contribution to digital technology transformation to improve the customer experience, and economic development in Vietnam.

Vietnam Digital transfer – Vietnam digital awards is the Award of Vietnam Digital Media Association (VDCA) join force with Award Council, which includes experts, reporters, high-level leaders in the fields of science and technology, information and communication, economics..

At the Vietnam Digital Award 2019, MK Group’s U2F Token security device named FIDO® KeyPass S1 has become one of the 50 typical IT products of Vietnam to be awarded.

To achieve the award, MK Group’s Keypass U2F Token must pass a variety of rigorous evaluation criteria for the features/ functions of products, services, solution, technology, security and product quality; The prominence of products and services compared to similar products on the market; New products and services have potential for application; Human resources, investment level for ICT; Process of management, administration, production and business; Evaluation of the efficiency of the conversion process according to revenue, market share as well as the prestige capacity of the unit, business owner…

FIDO® KeyPass S1 is proud to be the first device of Vietnam to achieve U2F (Universal Second Factor) certificate of the FIDO Alliance Authentication (FIDO Alliance) to allow network users (Internet, LAN, …) to make secure online services that support FIDO U2F without using any other software.

By using a second authentication factor in addition to the username and password, the device helps users remove phishing and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks with simple login steps, press and use. FIDO® KeyPass S1 supports on most operation systems and browsers, users only need a single U2F Token for any of services from Internet banking to Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox….

FIDO® KeyPass S1’s U2F Token has become one of the 50 IT products of Vietnam Digital Award 2019 to help confirm the leading position in security authentication and smart card of MK Group. Furthermore , we can prove our “Made in Vietnam” security authentication solutions which are capable of competing on quality and price with global companies by sophisticated products like Keypass U2F Token.

With the orientation to Smart Digital Security, MK Group is making an effort to improve the quality of security authentication products to supply the market in the near future.


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