MK Group attends Vietnam Information Security Day 2017

On December 1st, 2017, MK Group attended the annual Vietnam Information Security Day 2017, co-organized by the Information Security Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), held at Lotte Hotel, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

The event included the following activities: International conference and exhibition to display and introduce information security solutions from domestic and foreign vendors.

Vietnam Information Security Day 2017 featured the topic “Smart security in the new connected world”, taking place in the context of the ever-present challenges of information security and cyber security in parallel with the innovation of science & technology and the increased popularity of applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. In addition to the risk of network attacks such as malware, invading system to steal data, increasing persistent threat, etc., the emergence of ransomware has become increasingly sophisticated causing huge losses for individuals and businesses. Technology infrastructures including telecommunication, data center, e-commerce application, etc. are also the targets of hackers and cybercriminals.

MK Group has endlessly strived to research and develop smart digital security authentication solutions to protect different organizations and their customers in the Industry Revolution 4.0.

MK Group also had a booth introducing different security authentication solutions for Finance – Banking, Government and Enterprise such as:

• Prim’X Premium Data Encryption Solutions granted the business licenses by the Government’s Cipher Committee to protect the entire IT infrastructure and internal and external content of the sharing data;
• KeyPassTM OTP secure authentication solution with a variety and flexibility of options fitting the budget and various security authentication needs to help protecting the identity and transaction of customers in e-commerce activities, e-banking and other online activities;
• Public Key Infrastructure Solutions – MK PKI solutions provide digital certificates/digital signatures, making financial transactions, e-commerce and electronic document management more secure.

In the framework of the event, at the seminar on “Information security for smart cities”, Mr. Le Minh Quoc – CTO of MK Smart made a presentation on “All-in-one security ecosystem using chip embedded into IoT devices and artificial intelligence (AI) with the Industry Revolution 4.0” with the main contents as follows:

• All-in-one security ecosystem using chips with security applications such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Match-on-Chip (MoC), biometric authentication by OTP (One-time Password) & Secure-on-Demand (SoD) on a D-ID platform (Dynamic ID) with API programming libraries for chips embedded in the IoT, AI devices, etc.
• KeyPass Reader Token – security product for the All-in-one security ecosystem.
• Security with Tokenization using QR Code.


On 31st October 2017, MK Group was  granted the  license for trading civil cryptography products of Prim’X high-grade encryption solutions for organizations, individuals in the fields of finance, insurance, telecommunication, transportation, education, electricity, communications, construction, petroleum, technology and state agencies.

MK Group was licensed to provide 05 following encryption solutions from Prim’X (France) to civil sectors in Vietnam:
• ZoneCentral protects files and folders wherever they might be. Depends on information infrastructure of organizations, ZoneCentral will encrypt fixed and mobile workstations, file servers with flexible and robust configuration.
For encrypted files, only authorized and identified users have access.

• Cryhod is an anti-theft encryption solution for laptops, which allows encryption of entire disks and/or partitions of all mobile workstation of organizations. The solution allows users to have free choice of authentication method: password or certificate, thereby making it more flexible and easier to deploy.
Cryhod hard disk encryption solution will shield your business from the risk of theft or loss or disclosure of stored information when the laptop is stolen, especially for people travelling a lot.

• ZonePoint is an ideal solution to secure all documents by the encryption of all documents placed in SharePoint libraries and managing the need-to-know. This solution allows companies to manage the security of their documents by specifying an encryption policy for their document libraries on Microsoft SharePoint. In addition, organizations can use SharePoint server on the Cloud without worrying about the risk of data loss.
ZonePoint is the ideal choice for organizations that want to share encrypted data internally or with external partners.

• Zed! is equipped with the ability to encrypt files to ensure security when exchanging files. The advantage of the solution is the capability to transfer entire file structure without the limitations of storage. With different access key formats, Zed! uses the key, either in the form of passwords, agreed upon with a correspondent, or in the form of RSA certificates (certificate files or LDAP directory).
The outstanding feature of Zed! is the password wallet managed by Zed! to assist the sender to create a password for the specific correspondent, in case the sender has no certificate. This makes the deployment of the solution simpler and more convenient.

• ZedMail is developed based on the basis of Zed! file encryption, suitable for all businesses and organizations with the ability to encrypt the body of the messages and any email attachments. The solution is integrated in the corporate email tool automatically and transparently without any impact on the operation of the organizations as well as email experience of users.
ZedMail is also integrated with password wallet so that ZedMail automatically generates a password for specific correspondent and stores it in a secure password wallet that manages for the user in case there are no certificates available for the email recipient.

All Prim’X high-grade encryption solutions are awarded EAL3+ certification and Standard Qualification by the ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency) and NATO Restricted and EU Restricted.

With the motto “Encrypt everything, anywhere and always”, Prim’X encryption solutions provide secure and efficient data encryption solution to protect organization’s data against loss, theft, disclosure and economic espionage, whether the user is at the office or on the move.

MK Group is the sole partner in Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar of Prim’X Technologies, the leading provider of software solutions for information system and data encryption in France.

Mr. Do Viet Ha – CIO of MK Group wins CIO & CSO ASEAN Awards 2017

On 6th October 2017 at Melia Hotel in Hanoi, the ceremony of CIO & CSO ASEAN Award 2017 was held to honor CIOs & CSOs of enterprises and governmental organizations, who had made outstanding contributions to the unit as well as to the overall development of IT industry.

Together with some prominent IT directors from enterprises and organizations such as KBZ Yangon (Myanmar), LOLC Cambodia, Home Credit Vietnam, Swiss Post Solutions AG, Mr. Do Viet Ha – CIO of MK Group – was honored in CIO ASEAN award of the Enterprise sector.

The award was a recognition for Mr. Ha’s contributions in building and developing IT of MK Group in particular, as well as MK Group’s endless effort to provide IT solutions to serve tens of million end-users with optimized experiences, enhance IT solutions in public sector with the aim of saving time and ensuring the seamless and optimized operation for governmental organizations and enterprises.

With 12 consecutive years of successful event, CIO & CSO ASEAN Award has become an important annual event, gathering the most prominent IT leaders from enterprises and governmental sectors in ASEAN. In addition, the event is also an opportunity for the IT and information security leader community to share and recognize the development of information technology and security information in Vietnam and ASEAN, as well as sharing the new aspects of vision and responsibility in technology and business issues.

MK Group to attend The International Smart City Conference and Japan ICT Day 2017

On October 25th – 26th, 2017, the two important events of Vienam’s IT industry, including The International Smart City Conference and Japan ICT Day 2017 will be taken place in Sheraton Saigon Hotel.

These two events are organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Asia – Pacific Oceania Computing Association. The event has attracted the attention of many prestigious local and foreign IT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, FPT, VNG, MK Group and other companies from Japan, such as Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), IT Services and Technology Association of Japan (JISA), Kansai Electronic and Information System Association (KEIS), Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA), Information Industry Association of Tokyo (IIT) and Japan Information Service Innovation Partners Association (JASIPA).

The International Smart City Conference held on October 25th, 2017, the main theme will focus on a number of issues related to the orientation and strategy of building smart city. For example, research and analyze the opportunities and challenges on building smart city; Develop evaluation index and measurement method of smart city and build the operating center of the city.

At the Japan ICT Day 2017 held on October 26th 2017, there will be a series of seminars on improving the close cooperation between Japan and Vietnam IT companies under the new technology trends, such as modernizing IT infrastructure, ensuring IT security and building sustainable IT human resources. One of the highlights of the event is the announcement of the list of top 50 ICT companies in Vietnam 2017, in which MK Smart – a member of MK Group – will be honored.

In the framework of these two events, MK Group – MK Smart will join a showroom to introduce Smart solutions for Smart City to Southern companies as well as the partners from Japan and Asia. Comprehensive solutions, such as smart card ecosystem including a variety of solutions, ranging from data management, issuance to the research and development of in-built card application; authentication and secure data widely applied in almost online activities, e-government; Smart Solution for Transportation including card issuance solution and automated fare collection, built on the basis of contactless smart card technology and compatible terminals, ensuring the smooth traffic flow and bringing the convenience to modern life.

MK Group hopes that through these events, the products – solutions exhibited and introduced at the event will help strategic planners and IT companies to have more effective and suitable choices fitting with their goals and budgets in finding Vietnam IT company partners as well as to implement projects related to smart city as well as to improve security of the organizations.


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