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More than three in four cashless payments made in Germany (77%), Austria (80%) and Switzerland (82%) are now contactless — a rise of more than 35 percentage points from an average of 40% across the three countries in June 2019, according to figures published by Nordic payments processor Nets.

The findings also show that the retail outlets recording the highest contactless payment rates in the three countries are supermarkets (87%) and bakeries (94%) “where almost everyone pays contactlessly when paying with a card or smartphone”.

The increase puts Germany, Austria and Switzerland — also known as the DACH region — “on a level field with the Nordics”, where average contactless adoption rose from 56% in January 2020 to 75% in January 2021, with Norway seeing “extreme growth” from 35% to 79% over the same period, Nets says.

“The pandemic has significantly accelerated a steadily growing trend in the DACH regions,” says Nets CEO Robert Hoffman.

“It was inevitable that Germany, Austria and Switzerland would ultimately achieve high levels of contactless payment adoption, but without this catalyst, it would have taken years to reach where it is today.

“An increasing number of merchants here are now offering and actively encouraging tap-and-go, which is becoming the norm for consumers.”

– NFCW –


The total number of digital ticketing transactions worldwide will increase by 62% from 20.8bn in 2021 to 33.8bn in 2023, with bus and metro ticketing accounting for one in three (33%) of those transactions, according to a forecast by Juniper Research.

The researchers also predict that more than 23% of all global digital ticketing transactions will be contactless by 2026, compared with 10% in 2019.

“Contactless ticketing is thriving in the pandemic recovery,” the researchers say. “As many transit operators expanded their contactless rollouts mid-pandemic, this has accelerated digital ticketing adoption.

“The report predicts that as contactless payments accelerate via a permanent shift in consumer behaviour post-pandemic, this will be reflected in the ticketing space, with transit increasingly dominated by contactless ticketing.”

– NFCW –


On June 17th, 2021, the event ‘Authenticate Virtual Summit: Focus on Europe’ was held by FIDO Alliance with the participation of people from all around the world.

The matter of Increasing security and protecting consumer privacy by different means of digital authentication is growing at a very rapid pace in the European Union (EU) region due to the introduction of new regulations related to security issues in this area. During the event, experts on the authentication market in Europe provided insight into the latest developments including PSD2 SCA (Payment Services Directive Strong Customer Authentication), delegated authentication, eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) and the EU Digital Wallet.

The Summit placed an emphasis on Europe’s new PSD2, which has a Strong Customer Authentication requirement that forces merchants to authenticate customers during the payment process. Despite the fact that the rule has improved security, it has also added friction, since merchants essentially have to complete an authentication process twice in order to complete a transaction. In terms of that, Nok Nok Products VP Rolf Lindemann and Mastercard Product Development VP Jonathan Grossar both argued that FIDO authentication can help remove some of that friction and streamline the e-payments process.

Other sessions of the Summit addressed Europe’s eIDAS standard and the European Commission’s growing interest in a Digital Wallet. The eIDAS scheme is intended to promote interoperability, so that identity solutions in one country belongs to EU region can still be valid in other countries within the EU region. The Digital Wallet could help fulfill that since it would allow people to link their identity to a trusted digital credential that could be used for a wide range of applications.

According to Steve Pannifer, COO of Consult Hyperion, digital identity consists of three things: identification, authentication and authorization. At the moment, FIDO’s products can fully capable of satisfying these three factors. FIDO has shown that products using FIDO technology can help enable convenient and safe in-person identification as well as online identification.

As a member of FIDO Alliance, MK Group participated in the event ‘Authenticate Virtual Summit: Focus on Europe’ as event sponsor. At the event, MK Group’s security key devices (tokens) have received much attention from potential customers as well as FIDO Alliance partners from around the world. Until now, FIDO® KeyPass S1 and FIDO® KeyPass S3 token products manufactured by MK Group have respectively received FIDO U2F and FIDO 2 certificates from FIDO Alliance in 2018 and 2020. With MK Group’s products, organizations, enterprises and people can fight against acts of fraud, stealing account access information on the internet such as skimming (stealing account information), phishing (scamming by email or fake sites) as well as man-in-the-middle.


On August 12, 2021, within the framework of the “Financial Technology Innovation Awards 2021” organized by The Asian Banker, Military Commercial Join Stock Bank (MB), MK Group (Vietnam) and Entrust (USA) were honored to receive The Asian Banker Award for the category of “Best Branch Digitisation in Vietnam” Enhancing customer experience with financial card instant issuance through automated banking model – MB SmartBank, the digital transformation journey of MB continues to impress the evaluation board of The Asian Banker.

With the advice and cooperation of MK Group Joint Stock Company (MK Group – Vietnam) and Entrust Corporation (USA), MB has successfully deployed an instant card solution for 30 MB SmartBank systems nationwide. MB has successfully connected digital application MBBank with the MB SmartBank system, providing customers with seamless O2O transactions (Online to Offline and vice versa).

This feature, according to The Asian Banker, is one of the most outstanding features of the MB SmartBank model.

Mr. Angus McDougall, Regional Vice President – Entrust Asia-Pacific, also shared his view: “Entrust has so far implemented hundreds of instant card issuance programs for many banks and financial institutions worldwide. MB Bank is one of the few banks that has combined and synchronized O2O transactions (Online to Offline and vice versa), seamlessly combining the transactions on mobile banking application with transactions on MB Smart Bank’s self-service system. This is really an innovation which is very suitable for the banking digital transformation trend worldwide and significantly improve customer experiences, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Ms. Phan Thi Quynh Hoa, CEO of MK Group shared her view: ” With more than 22 years of experience in building and implementing millions of domestic and international secure authentication and banking card schemes, with a team of dedicated, experienced experts and engineers, modern infrastructure and high capacity in supporting that can fully meet the above requirements, MK Group and its partner – Entrust have been selected to deploy a distributed card issuance solution for MB.”

Entrust and MK Group – a long-term partner of Entrust in Vietnam have quickly and successfully deployed the Entrust instant issuance card software for MB. These companies are equipped with rich experiences and resources to consult, develop, install, integrate, deploy and support the operation of backend and frontend systems, including training and operational support.

Putting MB SmartBank – the automated banking model into practices, MB has been completing its digital ecosystem, providing its customers with digital banking experience, leading the digital transformation in the banking industry.

Financial Technology Innovation Awards is organized by The Asian Banker annually to recognize the most outstanding technological innovation solutions in the banking sector. The award attracts more than 150 entries presenting many innovative solutions, clearly demonstrating the significant benefits that technology can bring in the banking and finance industry every year.


More than four fifths of consumers (81%) worldwide are ready to use a biometric payment card and authenticate payments with their fingerprint rather than a PIN code, according to a survey commissioned by a biometric technology provider.

The survey — which was conducted across 14 countries — and also shows that 94% of consumers surveyed in Saudi Arabia, 92% in India, 88% in Brazil and 86% in South Africa feel ready to use fingerprint authentication for in-store payments compared with 73% in Australia, 70% in the UK and 69% in the US.

Almost three quarters of respondents (74%) also said that they have a positive attitude towards biometric technology with people from emerging economies (90%) and consumers aged under 49 (79%) being “the most enthusiastic about biometrics”.

It also found that 84% of those surveyed have used biometric authentication methods for tasks such as unlocking their smartphone, with 70% having used their fingerprint, 43% their face, 25% their voice and 17% their iris to verify their identity.

“As biometric usage spreads across the planet and consumers continue to warm to the idea of streamlined, hassle free — yet totally secure — authentication, use cases will proliferate,” says the report’s commissioner, Idemia.

“For example, 51% of global consumers would like to use a biometric card to gain access to a secured building and 34% want to see this technology integrated into their transportation pass.”

– NFCW –


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